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…is a internationally operating, independent, interdisciplinary school for tactical self-defence. Mainly based on the Israeli close combat systems – KRAV MAGA and KAPAP, we teach both, civilians and professional users alike, in effective tactical self-defence.

Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.

  • No rules!

  • No weight classes!

  • No gender or age separation!

  • No exams!

  • No colorful belts!

  • No long-term contracts!


We are different, by choice…

Self-defence differs from combat sports and traditional martial arts, already in its fundamental objective. Our goal is to get people defendable in the shortest possible time! There are many critics who say, that for example a woman would never really be able to defend herself and fight off a determined and aggressive attacker who is stronger then her. And yet, there are crime statistics that clearly prove, that in over 80% of intended rape cases, the attacker chooses to let go of the victim, if he is confronted with fierce resistance. That leads to an important conclusion, offenders are looking for victims, not opponents!

We believe that the key to successful self-defense lies within a special didactic approach, that is being successfully implemented within military and police training for decades. On one hand, simple, but effective techniques are being used, that don’t rely on brutal force on force, but rather on attacking weak points of the human body, therefore they can be used by anyone. Further, the development of a strong fight mentality, or call it a “survival instinct” if you like, has special importance, because giving up in a fight, is not a option and could mean the difference between life and death. All that has to be combined with reality based simulation training, forcing the student to apply the acquired techniques also under intense stress. This didactic principle differs from most regular sports and martial arts training and makes it possible for students to achieve significant progress, in an short amount of time.


I am meanwhile looking back on more than 25 years of experience in martial arts and professional security work. I have started wit martial arts and self-defence training at the age of 12. This has become a passion, that lasted a life time. As I had made the experience, that you can always learn something new and useful, I actually have trained enthusiastically many different martial arts over the years. I started with Karate and Kung Fu, tried some Kick Boxing, Ninjutsu fascinated me for many years, later I came across the Russian martial art Systema and finally I came to the Israeli close combat systems KRAV MAGA and KAPAP. Being always mainly interested in the practical approach, I have found something useful in every art I have practiced, but I also came to the conclusion that there is no “perfect” system. I am trying to share these experience with my students and fellow Instructors. What we teach today as “FIGHT BACK – Tactical Self-defense Concept”, is on the BASIC level, because of its simplicity mainly based on KRAV MAGA, whereby we have already added here the Palm-stick as an useful addition. But especially on the ADVANCED level, there are many additions that are influences from other systems. I don’t think of it as a style on its own and I have certainly not invented anything new, its is simply the sum of my experiences and what is useful to ones self-defence and can be integrated without effort, belongs to our curriculum.

„Always a student, sometimes a teacher“  is a motto I can personally identify with.



Our BASIC and ADVANCED self-defence courses are the fastest and easiest way to start learning effective self-defence. We hold this courses several times throughout the year, at a constantly growing number of locations. Even if you have a busy schedule due to work and other responsibilities, this should make it very flexible to book a course that suits your needs. Although we currently have our base in Stuttgart, South Germany, you can meanwhile find our training concept spreading, not only throughout Germany, but also internationally. As things are developing fast, contact us for more details about all available locations.

In addition to our regular course program, we are holding seminars, that cover certain specific topics, like knife defence, the defence in vehicles, and so on. Further we are organizing a big Summer Camp every year, several Boot Camps and Instructor Courses. If you can’t find the information you are looking for, simply contact us and we will gladly provide you with the most recent course dates.

We are of course very aware, that many people might be interested in self-defence, but due to their busy lifestyle, work, responsibilities, are not in the position to attend our regular courses. Or it might be other circumstances and reasons why you would prefer to learn to defend yourself, in a private atmosphere with a personal trainer. What ever the reason, we can provide you self-defence training in an individual approach and if needed with the necessary discretion, through our growing network of qualified instructors. Simply contact us and we will try find a suitable solution.

Are you a private group, a club or maybe a company and interested in organizing a self-defense course for your members or employees? We would be more than happy to help. We are experienced in organizing events of that type and this can be provided either at one of our locations, or at your location. Please contact us with your inquiry and we will find a suitable solution.

Questions about training opportunities?

Have we managed to awaken your interest in effective self-defence, but haven’t answered all your questions yet? Why don’t you drop us a few lines, either via E-mail or simply using this form. We will do our best, to answer all your questions as soon as possible.