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That’s great! In order to become an instructor in our organization, it is actually one of our requirements to have successfully completed at least our Basic Self-defense course. That way, you have the opportunity to see our concept and we also have a chance to get to know you a bit already. After all, in order to teach people successfully self-defense, one has to fulfill certain requirements.

That is usually the way it works. We prefer recruiting new instructors from our own course participants and when our instructors recognize certain qualities in a person that would make a good instructor, they gladly recommend such candidates for our instructor development program. Of course, we also welcome people with other background, if the circumstances let assume, that the candidate is qualified, like prior martial arts or other trainer experience.

People are amazing, anyone can learn almost anything in life, if you put in the necessary motivation, effort and time, everything is possible. Techniques can be learned, but what also is very important, is the joy in working with people. So being a people person is great thing and having good communication skills helps a lot, after all, you will have to stand in front of a group of strangers to hold a course. Your personal fitness level on the other hand, doesn’t have such a high priority with us, but as our courses usually go over 4 hours, an instructor should be capable of holding up with that.

Well, differently of course! If you know us a little by now, you probably didn’t expect anything else. We train instructors exclusively for our own needs. That means, there is no commercial option, to book a course and walk out with an instructor certificate… Why? Well, because in our opinion, that is not the best way to become a successful instructor. Everyone is different, someone might be able to capitalize from former experience and pick things up very fast, while others might need much more time. There is no magical formula that can transform just anyone into a great instructor in a matter of days. We also do provide intensive Basic Instructor training, but we combine that with a classical mentoring process through experienced instructors, that support and lead you in the beginning, until you’re ready to work on your own.

Who gets accepted into our instructor development program, starts with the position of a recruit. Recruits are Instructor candidates and have the right to participate in special instructor training. The first goal is the Level 1 – Basic Instructor, whereby it is the goal to learn our Basic Curriculum and acquire the necessary didactic skills, to hold Basic Courses on his/her own. Recruits also get assigned a senior instructor who will do the mentoring and who personally takes care of the development of the recruit. Recruits also take part on Basic courses as assistants, in order to gather experience. Progress is actually a very individual thing, therefore there is no fixed time frame set, how long it takes to become a Basic instructor. With us you become an instructor, when the majority of senior instructors supports that decision.

Nothing! Yeah, we know how that sounds… There are many organizations out there that offer Instructor courses, where you can become a licensed instructor in just a few days of training. So if you are after a fast track license and you want to conquer the world afterwards by yourself, there are plenty to choose from. I hope that you will believe us, when we say that this is quite a costly adventure, in which many potentially good instructors fail, before they even had a chance to start properly. We do believe that we have a good concept and therefore we want it to be passed on exactly that way. Therefore our instructors work under our name and authority and get paid by us. The instructor training is paid by us, along with all the required equipment and we also take care of marketing and whatever is necessary to succeed. We consider ourself a real team and we make sure that every new instructor will be successful.

Sorry we have to disappoint you again, but still NO! Our instructors are undergoing regularly further education, both internal and external and we are covering those expenses. There are no exam costs and the participation at all regular courses are for instructors free, forever… Beside that, we will also educate you in related things like marketing, conflict management, violence prevention and security, first aid… Why are we doing all that? Well, the security and self-defense industry is booming right now and it is our declared goal to acquire and hold a strong position on that market, but with quality and competence! Therefore, we are willing to invest in our common future.

So, have we managed to inspire you and now you would like to find out, how to become an Instructor with FIGHT BACK Tactical… The next step would be to fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page and request our detailed Instructor development brochure by filling in “INSTRUCTOR” in the message subject. Read that Information provided in the brochure carefully and if you think that this might the right choice for you, fill it out and send it back to us. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Well congratulations then, this could be an even more exciting opportunity for you! We believe that self-defence has a lot to do with the right mindset, and once you adapt a certain way of looking at things, it becomes a life philosophy applicable to everything, far beyond fighting only. We therefore prefer to look at obstacles as opportunities, rather than problems. If you are living in an area, or who knows, even at a completely different part of the world, where none of our instructors are nearby to help you with mentoring, it obviously can be a bit more difficult for you to start. Your own training might be more demanding and eventually also involve the need to travel to us several times. On the other hand, being the first one, who introduces something new and good to a certain market, usually is rewarded with opportunities that simply can’t be repeated by others that will follow later on. So, if you see this as the amazing opportunity it could be, contact us and we will try to figure out a way to make it work for both of us.




Renato Skofac
Renato SkofacHead Instructor - Civil & Security Krav Maga Instructor
Meanwhile, I am looking back on more than 25 years of experience in martial arts and professional security work. Over the years, I have trained many different martial arts and was always interested in the practical approach. KRAV MAGA and KAPAP fit perfectly into my philosophy…
Janine Rüttinger
Janine RüttingerAdvanced Instructor
I have been working now for more then 8 years, part-time in event security. As conflicts arise very often, I had actually been very lucky so far, that nothing serious happened. In 2016 I finally decided that I had to learn something, to be able to defend myself and my colleagues…
Wolfram Groher
Wolfram GroherAdvanced Instructor
I have trained for decades in impressive looking martial arts, but I had to ask myself, would that really work when it counts? Ideally, one will never come into the situation to handle situations violently, but being a pacifist has its limits, when you are confronted with an ruthless and violent attacker…
Annika V. Seggern
Annika V. SeggernBasic Instructor
I commute to work and have to use public transportation almost every day. Unfortunately, I had made some scary and dangerous experiences on several occasions. Through a friend I came in 2016 to FIGHT BACK Tactical. I had no prior martial arts experience, but I really liked what I have learned there…
Ivan Princip - Ico
Ivan Princip - IcoAdvanced Instructor, Security Krav Maga instructor, Shooting Instructor
I started practicing martial arts already in my early teenage years. Later on, while working as a professional in close protection, both in civil and military environment with assignments in Irak and Afghanistan, I have found that Krav Maga is one of the most effective self-defense systems…
Sarah Hagenlocher
Sarah HagenlocherBasic Instructor
Da ich mit 1.50m zu den kleineren und schwächeren Personen gehöre, habe ich in meiner Kindheit und Jugend oft Mobbing und sogar Gewalt erlebt. Man wird zwar älter, aber mein Selbstbewusstsein war immer noch angekratzt. Durch eine Werbeanzeige bin ich auf FIGHT BACK Tactical gestossen…
Corinna Bächle
Corinna BächleAdvanced Instructor, Conflict Management Trainer
I care a lot about prevention work against sexual harasment, bullying or violence. As a professional educator I belive that it is very important to support children already at a young age, to become strong and confident individuals, but also to support parents with guidance and advice.


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